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Saturday, April 2, 2011

who am i?

i'm currently creating a new blog.so, i'm kinda have 2 blogs!;)hee..
hmm..what should i say now..urm..ha!ok, why dont we start from..from..from klang?haha..(stop talking nonsense aishah!).hehe..ok2..ni random pix and story taw.almaklumlah, 2nd time create another blog.so, same story ke?upz..;p
ok,nk terjun!huhu.this one kat sg manggis.ececeh, tersimpul-simpul malu pulak,terjun jela cah oi~

suriram,0o,beriram,taram-taram2!hee~(eleh,dh terjun, nk cover cun pulok);p

kedebush!waa!a rhino!

nyam nyam~;p



FREEZING MC at the dewan apetah kat admin building;p

do belive me,it was damn cold inside there!

this one time buke puase wid someone..;)

i'm not a doggy but a clumsy!;)
luring me?*bling bling bling~;)aww....grr...;p

haha..so?how was it?dah tawu who am i?the clumsiest n cutest person in the world?huhuhuhu..hahaha .joke~
btw, i'm serious kinda person actually.but during working or doing something la.For example like blogging!ha,blogging pun kinda doing something kan?hehe..;p..whateverla..the most important thing is as long as i live on earth, i wont give up;)..(ape kene ngene?)..;p..hee..joke~;p..bye;)
wonder why i wrote this down..

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