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Sunday, May 8, 2011


ha!!what?dont think absurdly wokay..free coz baru abes exam after the whole day squeezing the brain!yai!(squeeze ke?)..hehe..
no more this!

hehehe...hey hey hey,just bought a new pair of shoes!papa bought it for me a few days ago..my fav color!n my fav!;))..;p.nak tengok x?hehe..;p..

nah..clearer~hee~..yaeh yeah..tq papa!mama!;)

but nevertheless, myy this one of my fav heels b4, till will not been forgotten.n my black boot,hehe..uwekz1;p
hey, hello~what?annoying reading this/!ade?ade aku kesah?hahaha..;p..hehe, no la, i'm not showing off taw, but it is just that i love to show my feeling or specifically, confess my feeling towards surrounding(biotic & abiotic).hehe..tetibe masuk biology lak an.haha..;p..;)
wonder why i wrote this down..