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Sunday, May 8, 2011


ha!!what?dont think absurdly wokay..free coz baru abes exam after the whole day squeezing the brain!yai!(squeeze ke?)..hehe..
no more this!

hehehe...hey hey hey,just bought a new pair of shoes!papa bought it for me a few days ago..my fav color!n my fav!;))..;p.nak tengok x?hehe..;p..

nah..clearer~hee~..yaeh yeah..tq papa!mama!;)

but nevertheless, myy this one of my fav heels b4, till will not been forgotten.n my black boot,hehe..uwekz1;p
hey, hello~what?annoying reading this/!ade?ade aku kesah?hahaha..;p..hehe, no la, i'm not showing off taw, but it is just that i love to show my feeling or specifically, confess my feeling towards surrounding(biotic & abiotic).hehe..tetibe masuk biology lak an.haha..;p..;)
wonder why i wrote this down..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

presentation time!

 woi woi!haha..wanna heard something like tremendous story  x?;p..(tremendous ke?);p
hehe..joke..ha...actually today got prt presentation taw.nak tawu cite?hehe
the day before the presentation day, ha...I FAINTED!wakaka!huhu..LOL..right infront of the bus stop nearby human ecology faculty! i meant the 1st platform that the bus will stop for the bus of KTDI,KC,K6 & KOSAS.hehe...;p...lalallala~hehe;p
ha!hehe..story yang tu, TUNGGU~that one for another post.here, i wanna share something else!;))
hehe..i ade dalam bilik dah.sharp 10pm i dah in my room!then?
took my bath, clean up my bed, do this and that and so fort.lallaa..tibe2.................
i saw so many little tiny cutie stars in my head..so many little cutie soft bed and pillow lingering around in my head.so many little cutie soft blanket calling me.then i say "Oh my darling little cutie..wait for me~..i'm coming...~".kedebak!i'm on the bed..alahai nikmatnye~hahahha..
to my dearly prt group-mate, upz, sorry..my mata tada boleh tahan lagi wor~wa manyak menat wor..wa tala larat lagi to do the discussion for tomorrow presentation prt..maanyak soli wor~.
my group-mate text me hours later .she says "cah, xpela.bukan pe pun.kitorang tengah discuz ni.t dah siap aq bg kat kau, kau tinggal buat conclusion je.xpe2..kau rest2 la dulu.jgn tido dulu.t dah siap kau dtg amek ke tgk ke."
vaah vaah vaah..huhu..;p..then, i say "wo00kayg!hahaha"...unfortunately or malang tidak berbau, a few minutes after.............."hiiihooohiihooohiiihooo"..zzzzzz...masyaallah~ish3....haha!aishah dah tidur!wakaka!
sharp 6.30am, "cling cling!" phone berbunyi(tone wonderpet). i bangun2, suddenly saw a packet of a small little tiny cutie plastic beg infront of the door!bukak punye bukak punye bukak, got note on it say "part ko buat conclusion tau.yg lain sume dh siap".me?waa!!at the end aku jgk yg kelam kabut!maggot plus mangkuk ayunk tol!hahahha...xcaye?!jap..ni!HEHE..

hahaha..but but, okla, within a few minutes after that, after berpenat lelah copy paste copy paste, DONE!YES!mission accomplish!hahahha..then then then then, ha...dressing up time!pop!jadilah muke aq yg ni~
ha!jadilah mcmni~funny kn?cm sasat=alien dh.ish2..but but but, ce scroll down.ce scroll ce scroll.haha

ha!NI after zoom in!hahaha..td jauh, ni, amek kau, dkat.haha

ha!kasi besaq sikit the pix.haha..td non-spect, now with spect!hahahha..;p
hehehe..melaram je c ecah ni kan?hehe..keje did not even reach 30minutes, melaram 60minutes!maggot..hahhaha..;p.saje je cite..eh, sukehatilah!belog aq..~MY BLOG taw!hehe..;)
wonder why i wrote this down..

cap cap cap, cap ajinomoto!;)

hye2!;))..hehe..meeting the clumsy girl again!;))
ha..nk dgr story lg x?hehe;p
 time ni when i was at the ajinomoto factory!;))hehe..the only factory of ajinomoto in malaysia!;))hehe..do u wanna know how  how n where does that ajinomoto created or gor the name?hehe...jap ye..LET ME TELL U!hehe;p..(next post;p)
ha!hee..am i look like an architect?!hehe;p..joke~PRIOR THE SAFETY!;p;)

hehe..ade some activity provided by them taw!best~acivity MASAK2!;p..;)

quite big kan the place?i've seen the whole factory.memang mantap!;)


.....ala..long story la pulak.xpe2..i promise that i'll inform u bout it, oke?(macam ade people kesah.kau kesah?tak kan?)..;p..hahahha..;p..joke~
wonder why i wrote this down..

Monday, April 4, 2011

the clumsy me again

woi woi..woi..huhu..
hee..upz..miss aishah ni wanted to tell something la!hehehe..
do u know y i call myself a clumsy girl?haiyo..manyak sebab woo0~
1st!, cik ecah ni always do many things by following her heart.ish ish..for instance,the current situation!what situation?!haa..check check check it out~go to this link wwwaesha.blogspot.com .Is that a good attitude?naeh~ever heard of "ikut hati mati"??haa....muse it well dear..(renung-renungkn);p
2nd!, cik ecah ni always la stuck-up(perasan)!..is that a good attitude??haa..YES!of cosh(course) la GOOD attitude!for instance, u can built ur confident level by that taw!and u can start to ignore people perception, and started to to do whatever u wanna do without hesitation and  proud taw!;p..uwekz!haa..kan i dah cakap i ni perasan..hadoiyai~woi cik ecah woi, kau pk kau bagus?huhu..ala, biala  aku nk perasan ke ape.kau ade?!xde kan?!ha..so, diam.huhu;p..
3rd!ha..ala,u olz fk2 lah sendiri bout me ni(eleh, mcm ade org nk fk).huhu..;p..ok2..actually, just wanna say that..that..that..urm.............................................................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......nyte~;p
(am i clumsy?)..;p..
(is it related with clumsiness ??dont think so)..huhu;p
wonder y i wrote this down..;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my current life

yar..if we ask some people,"what is the life described bout?"for sure  they will say many things that lingering in their mind that time.But for me,life is still life..we can't run away from misery, we cant run away from sadness, wondering, skeptical and all.right?;)
i have a big prob currently.really big.Its kinda multiple prob.First regarding friend and the other one, urm..yar..beloved~haha;)
but it doesnt matter, life must go on..;)
naeh~malas nak citer, i wanna dance..thats my interest..do u mind?if u dont like it, ignore me.if u like it, just smile..k?;).. 
i can't fulfill everyone's satisfaction..hm?;)..
i love to act, i love to talk, i love to walk, i love NETWORKING..;)..that is my field..;)do u mind?;)
wonder why i wrote this down..;)

who am i?

i'm currently creating a new blog.so, i'm kinda have 2 blogs!;)hee..
hmm..what should i say now..urm..ha!ok, why dont we start from..from..from klang?haha..(stop talking nonsense aishah!).hehe..ok2..ni random pix and story taw.almaklumlah, 2nd time create another blog.so, same story ke?upz..;p
ok,nk terjun!huhu.this one kat sg manggis.ececeh, tersimpul-simpul malu pulak,terjun jela cah oi~

suriram,0o,beriram,taram-taram2!hee~(eleh,dh terjun, nk cover cun pulok);p

kedebush!waa!a rhino!

nyam nyam~;p



FREEZING MC at the dewan apetah kat admin building;p

do belive me,it was damn cold inside there!

this one time buke puase wid someone..;)

i'm not a doggy but a clumsy!;)
luring me?*bling bling bling~;)aww....grr...;p

haha..so?how was it?dah tawu who am i?the clumsiest n cutest person in the world?huhuhuhu..hahaha .joke~
btw, i'm serious kinda person actually.but during working or doing something la.For example like blogging!ha,blogging pun kinda doing something kan?hehe..;p..whateverla..the most important thing is as long as i live on earth, i wont give up;)..(ape kene ngene?)..;p..hee..joke~;p..bye;)
wonder why i wrote this down..