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i`m no 1...juz a simple person..but,a universal..;)

about me!

i'm aesha!;)tu..sebelah tu,saye la u;)
sorry if i kinda make u annoying when speak in english.but i love english damn much.but it doesnt mean that i cant speak Bahasa.Bahasa is my mother language.without it, i wont be able to speak in english either.But i'm not so pro la wid english.my grammar sometimes upside down and broken either.but who care?as long as i can speak n people can still understand wat i'm talking bout, i think itz ok.kan?;)..;p.hee..
i'm a debator.i love to debate.i love to voice up my mind.Because from debate, i can say whatever i want.people would never disturb us when we'r talking.but of course gonna have some interruption from the opponent like the POI.but that is actually helping me to talk longer.i ever be in public speaking n english theter either.but i ever join the malay theater too.acting is one of my interest taw kalau nak tawu.hee;)..urm,naeh..but i'm not the girl who say "i feel silly when i speak in malay,u know".huhu..i'm not that girl taw.i always speak malay with my friends n with my family too!i know that sometimes, people will say something bad behind me regarding i always proud speak in english.but the prob is, i just love to speak in english.is that a matter to anyone?i'm not a high standard girl dear, just that i love to talk, n coincidentally love english.thats all..salah ke?;)
ok2..i was just confessing my feeling.hee..;p
pmr:2A(math & agama)4B1C(geo)1D(sejarah).the rest B la.whatever la kn.
spm:4A(math, chemistry, bi, & EST), 5B(bio,physic, bm, add math & agama), 1C(sejarah)
what?his is MY BLOG!i can write watever i want here!huh!dont like it?shuh shuh shuh~steap away from me,ok?hehe..ala, saye dh stdy hard gile during every exam taw.but, nak buat cmne, xde rezeki.but i still proud with myself coz mamapapa, siblings sume glad with my achievement;)..thx ma,pa..fro everything.along janji, i'll do my best for whatever thing that i do.just for our family..;).love u ma,pa;)
ha!let me introduce,MY FAMILY..;)
ha!ni la mamapapa saye!;)..cute kan dorang?;)he..but, jgn tertipu with this pix!actually my papa,urm..pendek shikit from my mum!hee~;p.

yeah!ni time raye 2010!;)behind that are my mummy & daddy.ha!yang at the middle tu my little brother.and the other side tu my little sister!;))..kitorang mmg gile2..hehe..just 3 siblings, but if dah gather, cam 10 orang!hee..ni la family yanng saye saayang sgt!;)mmuuaahhx!;)