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Saturday, April 2, 2011

my current life

yar..if we ask some people,"what is the life described bout?"for sure  they will say many things that lingering in their mind that time.But for me,life is still life..we can't run away from misery, we cant run away from sadness, wondering, skeptical and all.right?;)
i have a big prob currently.really big.Its kinda multiple prob.First regarding friend and the other one, urm..yar..beloved~haha;)
but it doesnt matter, life must go on..;)
naeh~malas nak citer, i wanna dance..thats my interest..do u mind?if u dont like it, ignore me.if u like it, just smile..k?;).. 
i can't fulfill everyone's satisfaction..hm?;)..
i love to act, i love to talk, i love to walk, i love NETWORKING..;)..that is my field..;)do u mind?;)
wonder why i wrote this down..;)

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