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Thursday, April 7, 2011

cap cap cap, cap ajinomoto!;)

hye2!;))..hehe..meeting the clumsy girl again!;))
ha..nk dgr story lg x?hehe;p
 time ni when i was at the ajinomoto factory!;))hehe..the only factory of ajinomoto in malaysia!;))hehe..do u wanna know how  how n where does that ajinomoto created or gor the name?hehe...jap ye..LET ME TELL U!hehe;p..(next post;p)
ha!hee..am i look like an architect?!hehe;p..joke~PRIOR THE SAFETY!;p;)

hehe..ade some activity provided by them taw!best~acivity MASAK2!;p..;)

quite big kan the place?i've seen the whole factory.memang mantap!;)


.....ala..long story la pulak.xpe2..i promise that i'll inform u bout it, oke?(macam ade people kesah.kau kesah?tak kan?)..;p..hahahha..;p..joke~
wonder why i wrote this down..

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